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Factors That Affect the Judgment of News

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Various scholarly explanations of news value have been proposed. Examples of such theories are Galtung and Ruge. The results of these studies may be used to guide future exploration and discussion. In the next section, we will focus on some of the key factors that affect the judgment of news. These factors include exclusivity, shareability, and the judgmental value of news.

Good and bad news

In the world of news, good and bad news are a constant presence. But sometimes, the focus of the news shifts. For example, a doctor might give a patient some bad news, followed by good news. In such a case, the person receiving the news will assume the good news and ask for more.


Exclusivity in news is an important business strategy for newspapers and broadcasters, but it comes with certain risks. For one, the publication of exclusive news can prevent competing outlets from running similar stories.


The shareability of news is a key indicator of the impact of a news story. Popular stories that are easily shared by people receive more attention than articles that are rarely shared. For example, stories about coups receive more shares than stories about celebrities. But stories about celebrities are unlikely to be shared by many people. In order to maximize the impact of a news story, newsrooms must use analytics to determine which stories are likely to be shared.


Whether news coverage of certain groups is fair or not is a topic on which many journalists hold strong opinions. This question is increasingly being discussed among journalists, and media organizations are trying to balance their commitment to impartiality with the need to attract a broad audience. Unfortunately, many surveys find that the perceived fairness of news coverage varies widely between people. For example, White Americans are more likely to believe that the media covers them fairly, while Black and Hispanic Americans are less likely to believe that the media is fair.


Objectivity in news reporting is an important concept. It can help journalists balance the various sides of a controversial issue. It can also help them avoid being biased or unfair. Many journalists believe that true objectivity in news reporting is impossible and that fairness and balance are more important than objectivity.


There are a variety of media that can have an impact on how we view news. Depending on the medium, news can cause a person to feel anxious or depressed. There is a strong association between the news and depression. Research on the effect of news consumption on mood has been inconsistent, but it is possible to get a general idea about how news affects the human condition.

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