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How Technology Is Transforming Our Daily Lives

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Technological advances have increased healthcare professionals’ dependence on technology. Smartwatches monitor biometric data, and implanted devices offer more advanced monitoring capabilities. GPS, or Global Positioning System, can pinpoint locations on the earth from a constellation of satellites in earth’s orbit. GPS technology can provide real-time directions, track the transit of different objects, and record precise time measurements. Many devices, including larger tracking systems, use GPS technology to improve patient health and safety.


The word technology comes from the Greek roots tekhne and -logia, meaning knowledge of how to act and make something. Aristotle distinguished between ‘techne’ and ‘phronesis,’ or knowledge of what is eternal. Aristotle placed these knowledges in a hierarchy. ‘Techne’ was better than ‘phronesis,’ because it is knowledge of how to do something, not how to make something.’ Hence, techne became neutral in moral terms.


Tech companies tend to favor modern designs and minimalist typography. But you can still add a touch of personality to your technology logo with a catchphrase or motto. Use three to seven memorable words in your tagline. These words will help your customers associate your logo with your brand. BrandCrowd offers a free logo maker. Here are some examples of technology company logos. This category of companies is divided into several niches. Choose the right design to attract new customers and improve your brand’s visibility.


The costs of technology projects can vary wildly. As a result, companies need to know how to accurately estimate their costs before starting a technology project. The most significant factor determining costs is the scope of the project. The larger the scope, the more expensive it will be to create the technology solution. Then, there’s the issue of security, which requires comprehensive testing. Without testing, a company may face a data breach that costs upwards of $3.5 million.

Impact on society

Sociologists have long studied the relationship between technology and society, but the digital age has brought about a massive change that has transformed local, national and global social structures. You can get a bachelor’s degree in Sociology online from Northern Kentucky University, and learn how the new technologies are shaping our culture and society. You’ll discover how the Internet and digital technologies are reshaping our world and how we live. Learn how you can make a difference in your own community and in the world!


The ACM has a Code of Ethics, published since 1992, which is intended to guide both practicing and aspiring computing professionals. The Code is intended to serve as the conscience of the computing profession, and is an important tool for ethical computing. Today, ethics in technology is critical for companies of all types, as stakeholders increasingly expect technology companies to have greater public responsibility. This responsibility is especially important when deploying AI and machine learning, and because of the inherent uncertainty of these technologies.

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