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Types of Financial Services

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Financial services

Financial services are economic services provided by the finance industry. These businesses include credit-card companies, banks and credit unions. Listed below are some of the common types of financial services:

Consumer financial services

The definition of consumer financial services covers a broad spectrum, including mortgage lenders, auto lenders, student lenders, credit card issuers, loan servicers, and real estate brokers. Non-financial consumer services providers also fall within this category, including real estate brokers and title insurers. Companies that offer consumer financial services are also referred to as intermediaries or service providers. In addition, the definition includes services offered by peer-to-peer lending platforms and the financial industry’s technology vendors.

Investment banking

The financial services sector includes investment banking. Investment banking is a broad category of services that focuses on helping individuals and institutions buy, sell, and manage financial assets. Investment bankers may specialize in a variety of areas, including private placements, equity research, leveraged finance, and structured finance. Some are also involved in the management of institutional investors. These services can include everything from assisting clients with IPOs to providing market making services to institutions.

Real estate broker

What is a real estate broker? In the simplest terms, a real estate broker is a person who sells property. Brokers are licensed by the state to operate in that area. Each state has its own laws governing this profession. Here are the duties of real estate brokers. A real estate broker may also be a pawnbroker. They offer financial services related to investments and other economic services. An associate broker may offer investment advice or sell properties.

Insurance companies

Insurance companies provide a variety of financial services to consumers. These services cover a range of needs, including protection against death or injury, property loss, liability, and more. Insurance agents represent insurance carriers and insurance buyers and compare policies to help them make the right choice. Underwriters assess the risks of insuring clients and advise investment banks on loan risk. Reinsurers sell insurance to insurers to insure them against catastrophic losses.

PPC advertising

When it comes to PPC advertising for financial services, one of the keys to success is identifying the right keywords. As digital users become more skeptical of brands, it can be a challenge to get new members to join your company. By targeting a smaller pool of financial keywords, you can gradually introduce yourself to new members. In one study, Google asked 800 consumers to name the first brand that came to mind when they typed in a specific category. Among the test group, 14.8% of consumers named the test brand. This equates to an increase in brand awareness of 80%!

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