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What is News?

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The term news comes from the Latin word, notum, meaning “to know.” News is information that is of interest to a large audience and that generates curiosity among readers or listeners. It is a form of communication that is most frequently used in the print and electronic media.

A brief overview of the definition and history of news is given in Chapter 2, but the most important points to keep in mind are that it is an important part of our culture, and that its purpose is to inform us.

It is made up of a series of events and issues that are relevant to the public, and often involves drama. This can be a story about a natural disaster, political situation, or even a crime that affects a large number of people.

There are many different kinds of news that are aired on TV, radio and on the Internet. There are national stories, local stories and international stories. The way that news is reported may vary from one medium to the next, but there are some basic elements that are common to most of them.

Timeliness: The news is reported immediately after the event has occurred, and it must be delivered to an audience at a moment of high interest. It must also be concise, so it is possible to fit the most significant facts into a few lines or paragraphs.

Drama: The news is often accompanied by action, with dramatic moments like escapes, accidents, searches, sieges or battles. These are emphasized in most of the news programs on TV, as well as in newspapers and magazines.

Relevance: The news is often related to a country or region, but it can be about any subject matter that is relevant to the public. This could be something as simple as an event that is affecting the economy or as complex as a major political issue.

Magnitude: The news is usually considered to be important in terms of its size, number or potential impact. It could be about the economy, a major event, a crime, a war, or any other situation that is important to the general public.

There are also stories that are written to be read as a whole, rather than just the details of a particular event. This is the type of writing that is most commonly found on news websites and blogs, which can be a great place to find interesting information for your own personal use.

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