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What Is News?

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News is information about something that is happening or has happened recently. It is often written in a newspaper, magazine, radio or television program. It may also be posted on a website or social media page. News can be about politics, sports, business or even natural calamities. It can also be about celebrity gossip, where a favourite actor or actress is shooting currently or for which film.

The main purpose of news is to inform and educate the reader, listener or viewer. However, it can also entertain. This is often done by using humour or by providing details that are not known before. For example, a discovery that a famous person is ill can lead to a number of stories about their condition.

A good news article should include a significant amount of facts from research and quotes from people involved in the story. It should be presented in an unbiased way, although the author’s opinion can still be included in the piece. This will help readers understand the topic better and draw their own conclusions.

If an event is not important enough to be newsworthy, it will not make the front page of a newspaper or be the first item on a TV or radio broadcast. The determining factor is whether the item affects many people, is controversial or has a wide impact. The proximity of the event, how it affects the community and its emotional impact will also be taken into consideration.

In the modern world, it is increasingly difficult to avoid being exposed to the news. The Internet has enabled more people to read and hear news from around the world. This can be positive, as it increases awareness of other cultures and opinions. However, it can be negative if people are bombarded with too much information and do not take the time to think about what they are reading or hearing.

It is often said that a free press is the oxygen of democracy, but it is more than just that. A free press is also a watchdog, holding the government to account and keeping citizens informed about what is going on in their country. It is also important for a democracy that the press does not allow itself to become corrupt or biased in its coverage. This is why many countries have laws that protect journalists and provide a legal framework for their work. In addition, independent newspapers and broadcasters like the Associated Press (AP) and the BBC have a strong reputation for impartiality.

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