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What Is Technology?

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Technology can be a boon to humanity, but it can also do us harm. For instance, technology helps businesses automate repetitive tasks, resulting in increased production. Some examples of automated technology include accounting software and bakery temperature sensors. This type of technology is an essential part of many businesses today. However, it can be a problem for the environment as well.

Artifacts are man-made objects

The term “artifact” is used in a broad sense and is often defined philosophically as a man-made object made intentionally, with a purpose in mind. This standard definition is based on Aristotle’s distinction between things that exist by nature and those created by craft, which have a specific origin in the maker’s mind. Contemporary philosophers have been concerned with how to distinguish artifacts from natural objects.

They are the product of transferring scientific knowledge to practical use

Technology is a product of research and development in science and engineering and is the product of transferring scientific knowledge from research institutions to the real world. Technology can improve the lives of people by providing new solutions to problems. It can also generate income and fund further research. Technology transfer can benefit small and medium enterprises by allowing them to leverage outside research and expertise for their products and services.

They are designed

Technology is often designed with a purpose and goal. These goals and purpose are rooted in values. For example, Facebook was created with a goal of connecting people. This value was shared by many people. As with most technology, the design of technology is based on the goals and purpose of the creator.

They are tested

Technology is tested by integrating basic technological components with realistic elements and testing them in a lab environment. This is known as “high-fidelity” testing, and it represents a step toward achieving mature, reliable technologies. However, there are challenges with achieving high fidelity, and there are many factors that could affect the results.

They are criticized

Technology is often criticized without addressing the issues that are driving its development. Critics are eager to attack the logic of their targets, yet many are opaque about their own ideological positions and disciplinary blind spots. The criticism of technology must address these issues by providing an alternative to technocratic thinking.

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